simple printscreen internet maps

maps - main window


Program takes printscreens and then it merges into one big picture. This picture you can print or save to your mobile phone.

The resulting image can be exported into a format that resembles a road atlas.

You are able to create at minimum cost relatively large and clear map of any corner of the world.


In a Web browser you have to load some map. Keep in mind that the program will begin to scroll map upwards and to the left (or down and to the right). Thus set the area either at most southeastern or most northwestern point.

The program moves the map, like the user - clicks on the map, moves the mouse up or down, and releases the mouse button again. Therefore, it is necessary while saving maps not to move with the mouse.

How the program will know which part of the screen is scanned? The scanned part of the screen is under the window of the program. So open map in a web browser, shrinks or expands program window to lay down only on the map (do not interfere with various icons, images or buttons that servers provide to zoom the map to scale display, various labels, and so on - would rather leave more space from these objects). Then press button 1. The program records the coordinates.

Now enter the number of images you want to scan and click button 3.

The result is one big map image.

The uniqueness of the program is also in the fact that the program allows the user to create a road atlas in either MS Word or PDF format.