Licence Conditions

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General Conditions

Those interested in the program license has the opportunity to become familiar with the features of the program before purchasing a license from fully functional but time-limited version of the program.

The latest versions of the programs are available for download directly on this website. By ordering a license you agree with price and state of program.

Licence provides a non-exclusive license.

The rights and obligations herein shall be governed by czech law.


Milan Trávníček

Svitavská 1, 67801 Blansko


Licensee agrees to pay a license for an agreed price.

The acquisition of a software license entitles the licensee to use the software on one computer, unless the parties have expressly stated otherwise.

Assign a license to a third party licensee may only with the prior written consent of Licensor.

The licensee may not modify or otherwise change the program's name or designation of the author.


Licensor, a Milan Trávníček, provide the license the licensee without undue delay after payment of the agreed price.

Licences are perpetual.

Confirmation of the order is drawing up automatically on the server side. In case of error (total price given in the certificate does not clearly match the type and number of licenses), the Licensor is entitled to unilaterally withdraw by sending an e-mail notification.

Licensor reserves the right to issue updates to programs that some features of programs can be added and others removed.

Providing personal information

By sending an order the customer declares that he agrees with the provision of personal data controllers and processors (the licensor) contained in the order.

Extent of the information: name and surname or company tax ID, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Personal data shall be processed for the purpose of concluding a licensing agreement for the program, negotiations on a contractual relationship, the contract, offering business or services. All this for a period of 5 years from the end of the last time any contractual or other legal relationship between the customer and the controller or the processor.

Client states that he was aware of the extent to which the data are provided, to whom and for what purpose, for what period and who provides them.

By sending the order the customer also gives consent to receive commercial messages to that email address.